Big news from Rewards Canada! Aeroplan and RBC Rewards

The website I have been following for the last 2 years, Rewards Canada has 2 big pieces of news today, both items very important in the “points” game.

The first news he broke was the RBC Rewards(Avion only) bonus to British Airways “Avios” of 50%

That is huge, and I have been talking about that for the last couple of weeks as I am transferring some Aeroplan to Avios through a process that takes some time, but is worth it.

See his post on this.

He is very thorough on his posts and if you follow one blog (other than us 🙂 follow him, he always has the news for us Canadians.

The other big news is Aeroplan now has a partnership with

In a nutshell, Aeroplan members can get 15x the Aeroplan points (15 points per $1.00 spent) on their first purchase until May 16!

Distinction members get 16x points.

Seeing as these are valued by some (including me) at $.02 per point, this is a 30% return on money spent! WOW!

Here is the link for them. More to come!


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