Cashing in on free hotels.

There are currently many credit card offers out there that offer free hotel rooms when you sign up.

Probably the best is the Capital One IHG MasterCard. We are not affiliated with any of these, we just thought it is good information to have for the upcoming summer season.

I now understand the value of these cards compared to signing up for  department store cards or grocery store cards – the sign up bonus alone can be 10 – 20 times the value of the bonus of those cards.

Example – you can have $20 in free groceries or $500 in free hotels. What sounds better?

Here are 5 hotel credit card sign-up bonuses.

I am going to base a night on a hotel room valued at between $80 – $120. There are obviously rooms that go for more money and some that go for less.

Some of these cards have a small minimum spend you need to do – nothing much though

IHG Mastercard  (Holiday INN family)- 60,000 points upon sign up – good for 4 nights – $120 annual fee

Choice Rewards Mastercard – 24,000 points upon sign up – good for 3 nights – no fee.

Best Western Mastercard – 20,000 points upon sign up – good for 1.5 nights – no fee.

Marriott Rewards Visa – 50,000 points upon sign up – good for 3 nights – no fee

AMEX Starwood Card is on our AMEX page – it is usually my favourite card when the bonus is 21,000 points – good for 5 nights – for a $120 fee – but the bonus is only 10,000 points right now which is good for 2.5 nights – for the $120 fee.

Bottom line here – if you there are 2 of you and both of you get these cards over the course of time:

20 – 30 nights of different hotels for total fees of about $480. Not too shabby.

The Amex Gold Card below is free, and it just straight up gives you $250 in travel credits. So if you don’t like figuring out points you can just take the $250 credit!


goldcard ad


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