Hotel stays or renting a car soon? Cash in with a free flight!!!

Our theme this week has been using the Aeroplan bonusses out there to cash in on free flights – WITHOUT using a new credit card.

Now, some people are thinking “How am I going to get 25,000 Aeroplan using some hotel and car rental bonus?” Well, you probably won’t.

You can get the Amex Aeroplan Plus Gold  card and pick up 30,000 Aeroplan points like many of us do. Had to say it. It’s so easy people.

But wait – you don’t need 25,000 Aeroplan to fly places for free. You actually need about 9,000 points,  an Esso Extra account and collect RBC Rewards.

We outlined this strategy in a post last week – give it a read if you want to convert Aeroplan to Avios.

Ahh, but I need an RBC credit card that has a fee. No, you can get a no fee one, or maybe you already have an RBC credit card – you are on your way!

So, back to the point of this.

The first is renting a car – if you are renting a car soon, you can pick up 5750 Aeroplan for renting through Hertz for 3 or more days!

That is worth about $115.00 in travel, or more than half a flight paid for!

Certain hotels have huge bonusses through Aeroplan right now, with Best Western being the biggest – 2000 points per booking!

IHG (Holiday Inns, etc) have 1000 points per booking.

Choice Hotels are 750 per booking.

Fairmont Hotels are 500 per booking.

Check their page for more!

These are very generous and if you are planning on going away and renting a car soon, you should sign up for Aeroplan and cash in on these.

Easy example – you are going to Toronto for a long weekend.

Rent an Economy car from Hertz for 3 days from a location. I picked Pearson Airport.

That cost $116 total when I checked.

It’s worth about $115(5750 Aeroplan) in travel. So, that car costs you a dollar to use for the weekend. Probably worth it if you are driving around Toronto.

Depending on what hotel you book, you can get 4000 Aeroplan by booking through Rocketmiles your first time, or if you book through the hotels I mentioned you can get anywhere from 500 – 2000 points per booking.

Without putting out more examples, you can see how quickly you can get to 9000 Aeroplan points!

If you are short, you can always go test drive a Volvo for 2500 Aeroplan points! Yes, it’s still going on.

Again, 9000 Aeroplan, when converted to about 9000 Avios can get you a free round trip ticket from Detroit to places like Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA and Charlotte, NC to name a few.

All we are saying is if you are staying in a hotel soon or renting a car, you might as well grab the bonus Aeroplan out there – it might end up turning into a free flight when you are done!








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