Free flights WITHOUT a new credit card? YES…read on…

Ok, we know we go on about Amex and their credit cards – basically because they are amazing giveaways – sign up – get a free flight or more.

This alone has gotten many of you some free flights and we are happy to have helped out.

But as this weekend went on, I discovered something I already knew, but after doing some research, found what I knew to be quite easily attainable.

First thing was during the month of May and June this year you will be able to swap Aeroplan for Avios about 1:1 using a bonus we found here on an earlier article we wrote.

To some, that is no big deal, but to others that is a huge bonus.

Why? Because you can fly Detroit to a place like Charlotte, NC for 9000 Avios + $2 round trip. The lowest redemption you can get booking an Aeroplan flight is 15,000 Aeroplan and a whole bunch of taxes. You pretty much have to bite the bullet on US flights with Aeroplan and use up 25,000 points.

So…9000 Avios…or 9000 Aeroplan if you convert them to Avios.

That’s not hard to get people.

You see, with getting Avios straight up you need to spend that $9000 on a credit card to get 9000 points – there are very few options for us as Canadians to “rack up” Avios points.

But…Aeroplan is different. Aeroplan is Canadian and there are many ways to “rack up” Aeroplan points.

See our Aeroplan page on a description of the program and how to sign up for free.

If you just google “Aeroplan bonus” you will find many ways to rack up the points here in Canada, but I will go over a few with you now.

Get an Aeroplan account first.

Remember Aeroplan points are worth roughly $.02 or 2 cents each.

Test drive a Volvo Sportwagon V60 – 2500 Aeroplan for a limited time and it works! That’s about $50 in travel!

Get Gas at Esso, for a limited time there are double Aeroplan points, so for every $3 you spend you get 2 Aeroplan points.

Sign up for email updates from Direct Energy – 500 Aeroplan.

If you shop online, go through the Aeroplan Estore – there are periodic bonusses like 10x the points we got on Thursday night.

We spent $100 on clothes at The and got 1000 Aeroplan. Other retailers are…here is a list of many of them.

Now, especially important are hotel miles. If you are paying for hotel stays coming up, GET SOME AEROPLAN WHEN YOU DO!!!

As a true life example, we just got back from a paid Best Western stay (all my Best Western points were used in Florida) and earned 2000 Aeroplan for this!!! My wife is going to another Best Western in 2 weekends and earns another 2000 Aeroplan!

This bonus goes all summer long and is truly incredible if you do the math.

Basically, a $100 a night hotel room gets you 2000 Aeroplan, which is worth roughly $40 in travel.

You are getting a 40% return booking a Best Western through Aeroplan!

It actually gets better for some. There is a website called Rocketmiles that is giving you 3000 Aeroplan for your first it looks like an extra 1000 just for the booking! SWEET!

So, if you are looking to book a hotel coming up…go through them! That’s about $80 in travel for you!

There are other hotels linked with Aeroplan, just check their bonus page.

So, if I quickly go through my Aeroplan bonusses for the month, here’s what I get.

Test drive Volvo – 2500

Esso Gas – 150

Direct Energy email sign up – 500 – 1000

2 paid stays at a Best Western – 4000

That is 8150 Aeroplan without even thinking of it.

Oops, forgot. The money spent was on my Amex Aerogold Card so that’s another 150 + 100 + 200 = 450(a point per dollar spent)

I’m now at 8600 Aeroplan – or just 400 away from that free flight.

You can see how these different bonusses add up. Over the course of about a month, we basically earned a free flight to Charlotte, or Philadelphia, or Washington DC.

So, even though we love Amex and it’s cards, you can rack up points by paying attention to Aeroplan on social media, or reading our posts now and then.

Again, you can get 30,000 Aeroplan by just signing up for the Aeroplan Plus Gold Card, and spending $500 on it, and no fee, but this way gets you there too!







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