Detroit – Myrtle Beach Sept/Oct CHEAP!!!


Ok, so I’m looking at Myrtle Beach options today on my computer and I check my twitter feed and Spirit is giving $24.00 off flights booked by tomorrow for flights from Sept – Nov 19.
Hmm, that could be good I think. Well, yes it is.


Detroit – Myrtle Beach

Right now you can book most weekend flights in Sept/Oct for $154 or $114 round if you get the $9 fare club option for $60.

So, if you are paying for more than 1 person, it is worth getting the year membership – I have done this before and it does save you some decent cash.

Let’s say there are 2 of you – cost is 60 + 114 + 114 = 288 – 48 = $240 for 2 flights!

Let’s say you are paying for 4 fights – cost is 60 + (114×4) = 516 – 96 = $420 for 4 flights!

If you are by yourself you should probably just pay the $154 – 24 = $130

I know some of my friends might like the sounds of this, so tell people – this is an awesome deal!

Just so you know the Amex below will pay for 2 of those flights and is free the first year! Get your points and cancel later if you want!

goldcard ad

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