Switching to Avios from Aeroplan.(over AUG 1/17)




MAY 9, 2017 UPDATE. Current ratio is 100 Aeroplan gets you 88.5 Avios.

The Bonus is 30% till June 8, 2017


With the current RBC bonus at 50%, the ratio is back to 1:1 Aeroplan to Avios!!!!

I did a video explaining this – crude but for people that don’t like reading this stuff – better? lol.

Some new bad news to tell you right off the hop.

The bonus is now 30% more Avion points converted to Avios – down from 50%!

OK the time I refer to the “bonus period” is here from May 9 – June 8 where you can convert your RBC points (Avion) to Avios at a 30% bonus.

This seems to be our most popular page and we know why.

Well, a couple of scenarios have convinced me to put more points into Avios rather than bother too much with Aeroplan anymore – I will still collect, but for flying, it will be all Avios.
The merger of American Airlines and US Air is a reason enough – now there are more award flights available to book through Avios!

This itself will convince many people to switch from Aeroplan to Avios.
I will keep some Aeroplan for the Detroit – Las Vegas/West Coast option which uses less points(25,000) than Avios(30,000+), but for the most part the flights my family and I take are 15,000 – 20,000 Avios.
The Frugal Travel Guy wrote a good article about this here.

Remember he is American so those credit card links aren’t for us.

Credit Walk also wrote an article on why the Aeroplan short haul flights aren’t such a great deal here.

Another article by them here showing the devaluation.

When doing research for the articles on this site I have always found Aeroplan to have higher taxes on their flights, and that is one of the bigger reasons these articles exist – you don’t seem to get good value out of Aeroplan points. Now there are ways, for sure, but if you just do a google search on Aeroplan you don’t always get the happiest customers!

As a side note, there is a website flyertalk.com that talks about everything you will ever want to know about these issues – it is what I go to when I am wondering about a certain issue in points or credit cards.

The second scenario involved someone just plainly asking me “Can I just trade my Aeroplan for Avios – they are pissing me off”

What exactly was pissing her off? Taxes, of course.

I told her I didn’t think there was – she was probably stuck with them – but to use them where they were a better deal than using up more Avios.

So, then I googled “Aeroplan convert to Avios”

Before I type any more, here is a good flyertalk forum on it.

Well, turns out you can – and if you are patient, you can get about a 1:1 ratio on them – awesome! May 9 2017 update – now that is 100 Aeroplan : 88.5 Avios.

You need to sign up for a few things first, but all worth it if you want more Avios.

Sign up at points.com where they keep track of all your points in one place – quite handy – I have had an account there over a year now and love it.


They are the site in which you can trade points and in this case transfer points out of a program into another – free.

You need to sign up for Esso Extra, and from what I am reading, spend at least $250 at Esso to qualify for transfers out of the program.


That is easy, free and you will probably pick up some bonus just for signing up – if you link your credit card to Speed Pass you will pick up some more points as well.

Lastly, you need to get an RBC Rewards card THAT COLLECTS AVION POINTS – I suggest you get the Infinite Avion card with a 15,000 RBC points bonus, but a $120 fee.


That is actually awesome as you could use those points for a short haul flight worth up to $350, but keep them to convert to Avios with the bonus.

So you transfer your Aeroplan points to Esso extra at a rate of 1:1.1385 or 100,000 Aeroplan gets you 113850 Esso points(as of yesterday when I tried it)


Then, after you have spent you $250 at Esso, you can transfer out to RBC Rewards at a 5:3 ratio – or 113500 Esso = 68100 RBC (350 Esso left over)


Then…you be patient. Wait for the bonus period which seems to happen twice a year when you can convert 1 RBC Avion point to 1.3 Avios! So your 68100 RBC points turn into 88530 Avios!!!


It works and it may seem lot a lot of work for people and confusing to people new to this, but if you are sick of Aeroplan, this is one option that is awesome.

Let me conclude this with a personal example.

To fly my family of 4 to Florida, it costs 100,000 Aeroplan plus taxes.

Same flights using Avios are (depending on where you depart from) 60,000(Cleveland), or 80,000 (DTW-MIA) – a way better use of those 100,000 points you started with – and of course…less taxes than Aeroplan.

31 responses to “Switching to Avios from Aeroplan.(over AUG 1/17)”

  1. Al says :

    Great writeup. You can also transfer to American Airlines as per the writeup at Creditwalk here:


  2. Danielle says :

    this is great, but as an American I can’t sign up for Esso or RBC Avion 😦 does anyone know of an alternative?

    • borderfreetravel.com says :

      That was something I could not find, unfortunately. You guys get way better sign up bonuses and more credit cards to choose from, but we have this! I would try and google that and see what comes up. The Points Guy probably had done an article on it or something.

  3. Tania says :

    I think you can transfer HBC points to Esso as well.

    • borderfreetravel.com says :

      Yep 560 HBC to 500 Esso.
      500 Esso to 300 RBC.
      300 RBC to bonus x 1.5= 450 Avios.

      • Tania says :

        So I’ve opened an Esso account and transferred from HBC to Esso. Once that’s transferred, I need to get an RBC card. There is one for British Airways – is that the one you suggest? And I read somewhere else that right now, you can get some bonus points for transferring to Avios…

      • borderfreetravel.com says :

        Well if you go to their site,


        You can see what you’d like. I like the Visa Infinite Avion which gives you 15,000 RBC points, but through the bonus you end up with 22,500 Avios. There is a $120 fee with that. You can get a no fee card that collects RBC points as well. RBC Rewards Visa Gold has no fee but no sign up bonus.
        So, with my card I “bought” 22,500 Avios for $120. I’m OK with that as I can usually get 2 cents per Avios or $450 worth of travel for that.

      • Tania says :

        And how do you transfer from Aeroplan to Esso?

      • borderfreetravel.com says :

        You can do that through Points.com
        They keep track of your points and you can do trades with people and exchanges between your own programs like this would be.

  4. MrCheeky says :

    Great Article. I have just checked Points to exchange Aeroplan > Esso Extra and it is only allowing a maximum of 50,000 Aeroplan miles to be exchanged? Is this a new restriction?
    50,000 Aeroplan = 57,752 Esso.

    • borderfreetravel.com says :

      Yes but you can do 100,000 a year. So do your other 50,000 tomorrow or something( if you were doing 100,000)
      I did 50,000 one week earlier this year and then a week later I did the other 50,000.

      • MrCheeky says :

        Thanks for the quick reply and info. The first 50,000 transferred with no problem (at a current rate of 1 : 1.1550). I will be transferring the second 50,000 soon.

  5. MrCheeky says :

    The yearly transfer limit for Aeroplan is 100,000. Is this in a calendar year? i.e. Transfer 100,000 in Dec 2014 and 100,000 in Jan 2015? Or does one have to wait until Dec 2015?

  6. blehAeroplan says :

    Not 100% sure about this but I think an AVION card is required. RBC Reward points can’t be transferred to AVIOS I believe.

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