Fly free next March Break!

I have many friends that would like to go away for March break to destinations like Florida or Myrtle Beach but tell me they just can’t afford flights. Wrong.
First let me say Airlines release “award space” 330 days in advance of the flights. As I write this , that is March 1, 2015.
You can bet I will be looking for March break departures from the Detroit area in about 10 or so days.
The Friday of our March break is March 13, so I have been told.
How do you do this? Can getting one credit card each (couple) fly a family of 4 to Florida? Yep, we did.
Go ahead and try it, it’s free and it works.
The Amex Gold Rewards card will give you 25,000 points upon spending $500 on it. That could take you all of one day- if you want to get those points fast and start looking for flights.
You then refer your partner, they get 25,000 points for spending $500 on it and you get another 10,000 points for referring them.
Total points is now 60,000 – you both need to get a British Airways account first and then pool your points in a family account. Why British Airways, see our Avios page but it’s because you can fly both American Airlines and US Air with those points.
Did you know that 60,000 points can fly 4 people from Cleveland to Miami round trip? Cleveland is 3.5 hours from our base in Sarnia, Ontario, which isn’t a bad drive when you fly for free! It can fly 3 people from Detroit to Miami, or Tampa which again is awesome because it’s free!!!
Many of my co-workers have now figured this out and are asking me daily how to get more points.
Again, you need to check our Avios page about starting an account, but once you do, you will love collecting points and flying free!
Check our Amex page on the card options, but in this case it is only 1 card each! You really can’t lose, just pay your bills on time!

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