Travelling with Kids

This can be an expensive undertaking – taking your kids on a trip.

There are many bloggers out there with tips on this and I am going to include a link to The Frugal Travel Guy – who is American – but his advice is solid for Canadians as well.

FTG article

You have probably thought of some of these but if even 1 helps you save a few bucks it is worth the read, right?

On a personal note, we travel to Florida very frequently and we have found a few things here and there that can save you some dollars.

Driving – yes – maybe not possible for all, but we spent about $400.00 in gas driving to Florida from Southern Ontario. That is pretty much the cost of 1 flight!

Our Best Western Mastercard(no fee) got us free nights in hotels…and free breakfasts to start our days – that alone is worth about $250 or so – with points leftover for our trip next month!

Shopping around for a rental car. There is a company called EZ rental that is based in the big Florida airports (Tampa, Orlando, Miami, few others) that will take your reservation without a credit card.

This is good because you can use this as a sort of leverage -say you book your car with them at a price of $400 for the week.

Now what I normally do next is go to Hotwire and do a search for a similar car and dates. When you have done that, you can get email alerts when your price goes down for whatever reason.

If you price goes down then you can either book that car with Hotwire – you will need to pay at that point – or check again with EZ to see if their price went down. Either way, you have a car for sure for $400, but probably less if you look around.

I have done that twice in the last 2 years and saved a few hundred each time – expecially on bigger cars – MINIVAN!

Anyone out there have some good tips for travelling with kids?

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