Ok, how do you get free flights again?

We had a P.D. day Friday and I had a number of teachers come up to me asking this very question.

Some would listen when I explained it and some said they will just read this site.

Either way is good, but I thought maybe I should just do a post on how you get free flights as most people are very much new at this and need to start from step 1.

It’s through AMEX credit cards and it’s quite easy to do.

Ask yourself these 2 questions and you are golden.

1. Can I pay off my credit cards on time every month?

2. Do I mind getting 2 new credit cards?

Isn’t this easy? YES!!!

Here is what you do.

1. Get the AMEX Gold Rewards Card

This is a free card for the first year you have it and it gives you 25,000 Amex MR points.

Just spend $500 on it in 3 months. That’s it!

Those points, as explained on my “Worst Case Scenario Page” will give you $250.00 in travel or $200.00 in giftcards.

But you want free flights.

You could book your own flight and use the $250 towards that, but chances are if you are looking to get a free flight, it will be worth more than $250.

You can transfer those 25,000 points to many different airline plans, but for this example we will stick with Aeroplan.

Go to the Aeroplan page to see how to sign up and look up flights.

So now, with those points you can basically fly anywhere in Canada and the Continental US for 25,000 points. Better yet, if you want to fly a shorter route, say Toronto – New York City it is only 15,000 points. (Called short haul)

2. Get the Amex AeroPlan Plus Goldcard.

This is also a free card the first year you have it and it gives you 30,000 Aeroplan points.

 Just spend $500.00 on it in 3 months. That’s it again!

Yes, it gives you 5000 more points, but the first card is more versatile(MR points) in transfer options.

That’s 2 short haul flight! FOR FREE! Or again, 25,000 points will fly you anywhere in Canada or Continental US.



Seriously people, it’s that simple. Those 2 FREE credit cards can get you all that.

If you are a couple, one of you gets card, refers the other and you have 60,000 MR points between you and 70,000 Aerolplan.

Think about that. That is amazing. No annual fee on either card right now and you have 130,000 points between you.

I just used 60,000 MR points to fly my family of 4 to Florida through Avios, but you need to read up on that on my Avios page. 60,000 Aeroplan could fly my family of 4 to New York City and have 10,000 points left.

It seems too good to be true. Flying a family of 4 to Florida and again to New York City. just paying taxes.

It’s true and it works.

If you know of anyone that would benefit from this or could use this knowledge, either “like” us or “share” this on facebook or just tell them to go to our website!



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