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Carolyn’s New Deals and Aeroplan/Best Western contests on Facebook!

Just in —- Detroit to Houston round trip in Bus. Class from $128 Round trip!
From Dans Deals check it out

p>Ok, Carolyn has some new deals on her page.

Remember she gets Expedia prices as she is an Expedia rep. – so you can’t go wrong!

Right now she has March break, Easter and Alaskan cruises to name a few – call or email her if you are thinking of a cruise – she will get you there for a great price.

On another note, Aeroplan and Best Western have some Facebook contests where they are giving away 150,000 points (Aeroplan) and Free nights (Best Western)

As I collect both, this seemed pretty easy to do, and is.

Sign up for both before you go to their site and keep your membership # ready.

Then, when in Facebook, just do a search for their pages and their contests are right there to enter. Aeroplan’s is “Know your travel” and Best Western’s is “Be the Hero”.

Why not when in Facebook?

Big Rick is Finding us Deals!

We are on Twitter now!

Check out Big Ricks page on Feb deal of the week. For that resort, that is such a good deal. He only goes to 4star and better, and it sounds like he is going again- maybe on that exact one! Check it out on his page…


Summer Alaska Cruises from $599!!!

Just in case you forgot, Carolyn’s cruises has amazing prices on many different cruise lines.

She is a travel consultant through Expedia, so you KNOW you are getting great prices.

I will include a picture from her link for prices of Alaska cruises this summer.

Remember, she also has great prices for the upcoming March break, and Easter break.


Here is a link to her page…




Travelling with Kids

This can be an expensive undertaking – taking your kids on a trip.

There are many bloggers out there with tips on this and I am going to include a link to The Frugal Travel Guy – who is American – but his advice is solid for Canadians as well.

FTG article

You have probably thought of some of these but if even 1 helps you save a few bucks it is worth the read, right?

On a personal note, we travel to Florida very frequently and we have found a few things here and there that can save you some dollars.

Driving – yes – maybe not possible for all, but we spent about $400.00 in gas driving to Florida from Southern Ontario. That is pretty much the cost of 1 flight!

Our Best Western Mastercard(no fee) got us free nights in hotels…and free breakfasts to start our days – that alone is worth about $250 or so – with points leftover for our trip next month!

Shopping around for a rental car. There is a company called EZ rental that is based in the big Florida airports (Tampa, Orlando, Miami, few others) that will take your reservation without a credit card.

This is good because you can use this as a sort of leverage -say you book your car with them at a price of $400 for the week.

Now what I normally do next is go to Hotwire and do a search for a similar car and dates. When you have done that, you can get email alerts when your price goes down for whatever reason.

If you price goes down then you can either book that car with Hotwire – you will need to pay at that point – or check again with EZ to see if their price went down. Either way, you have a car for sure for $400, but probably less if you look around.

I have done that twice in the last 2 years and saved a few hundred each time – expecially on bigger cars – MINIVAN!

Anyone out there have some good tips for travelling with kids?

Please Comment!


Why Avios?

Patrick at Rewards Canada has written a super article on why you should start collecting Avios now!
This guy is the reason I fly my family places for free.
Well, Amex points first, then his advice!
Do yourself a favour and read this article!

Easter Cruise Anyone? $299 sound OK?

Ok, Carolyn just posted an Easter cruise from $299.00!!!!!

That’s 5 days visiting the Cayman Islands and Mexico as part of it.

I haven’t cruised myself but from what other are telling me that is amazing!

Here is a screenshot of what you get.


Check out her page, others are telling me her prices are extremely good!

I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that AMEX has an Aeroplan Card that would get you $200.00 off any cruise booked through Carolyn and Expedia…for free of course!(13000 Aeroplan miles = $100.00 off)

See our Amex page for the Amex AeroPlan Plus Goldcard.


Excellent Read on Credit cards and traveling free!

Ok I’ve followed this guy for awhile like Rewards Canada. This guy is American but the same principles apply.
If you have good credit and pay your bills you travel for free.
It is a great read!
We have different cards and bonuses but everything applies.

See my Amex page on that!

Credit Card Advice from a pro

Patrick at Rewards Canada has a credit card post that explains things very well. Sometimes people need a different perspective when choosing a credit card. He had been doing this many years and I have followed him for 2 years now. Give his post a read !

Vancouver to Hawaii!

My old high school friend asked us to look up flights to Hawaii in November from Vancouver for him.

It’s good knowledge for us to have so we did some homework.

We based everything on arriving in Honolulu(update Maui too), but 2 different departures.

Best prices in November we could find

Vancouver – Honolulu – depart on a wed/thur – come back on a wed/thur (295 + 243 = 538 US = $600 or so CDN Air Canada Tango

Van – Maui – you can get 359 departures and 299 returns = 658 CDN this time Air Canada Tango

Seattle – Honolulu – depart on a mon/tues/wed -come back mon/tues/wed (259+259 = 528 US = $600 or so CDN Hawaiian Air.

Seattle – Maui – same departs, same returns (283 + 283 = 566US or about 650 CDN)

We had never checked that out before and it seems fair to us, but maybe they have flown for cheaper. I noticed Maui was about $50 more per round trip flight.

Then I checked airline rewards, because you CAN ALWAYS FLY FOR FREE!

Hawaiian miles = 40,000 total

American Airlines = 35,000 total

Avios  = 25,000 total, but way to hard to find reward space so good luck!

Aeroplan = 45,000 total

2 options I would consider with AMEX to get these flights

1. Get the AMEX Starwood Card

Sign up, get your 20,000 points after you spend $1000, so you have 21,000 points, refer your spouse for another 10,000 points and you have 31,000 which is worth 36,000 American Airlines points. Annual fee is $120.00 – Flight is $600.00 – you save $480.00

Your spouse will have 21,000 points after spend, they can refer someone and have enough points or get up to 30,000 points through spending on it regularly – may take a few months to get there either way. Annual fee is $120.00 – Flight is $600.00 – you save another $480.00

The other 2 flights need to be paid for – but that’s a savings of $960.00 through getting 1 credit card each. WHAAAATTTTT? Let me reread that. Yep you save about a thousand bucks by getting 1 card each.

2. Get the Amex Gold Rewards Card

Sign up, get your 25,000 points after you spend $500, refer your spouse and get another 10,000 points for a total of 35,500 points. Your spouse will have 25,500 after spend, they can refer someone for another 10,000 points for a total of 35,500 points.

In this scenario flying on Hawaiian Air is 40,000 points and AMEX MR points are worth the same as Hawaiian. You are both close to 40,000 points if spouse can refer someone, if not you have some spending to do. That may take a few months, maybe half a year, but you will get to 40,000 each eventually. There is no fee on this card. Your 2 flights worth $600 are free and you pay for the other 2. Savings is $1200.00 by getting 1 card each. WHAAAATT?? Yep, true again, but this way takes a little longer.

So if you know you have some bigger expenses coming up and you will spend that money quickly, go with option 2. If you don’t have big items to pay for coming up, go with option 1!

That was honestly fun!

*** As I drove home yesterday I was thinking how they could quickly get 2 more flights free. You could each get both cards, and do alot of spending on them and eventually have enough points. By November – 9 months from now there is a good chance you would both have enough ponts.

It’s not hard to do, I have an inventory of free hotels and flights waiting to be used by our family!