Here is $500.00 in giftcards. Take it.

Don’t get credit cards if you can’t afford to and can’t pay bills on time!!! It will just cost you in the long run.

Single, nobody to refer to the AMEX Gold Rewards Card?

Here is $200.00 in giftcards for you.




In a relationship with someone to refer to the Gold Rewards Card? Here is $300.00 in giftcards for you and $200.00 in giftcards for your partner.


Seriously, take the money. I talk about this on my “Worst Case Scenario” page, but sometimes a post is better to point out free money.

You get one new credit card, redeem for $200.00 in giftcards (24,000 MR points) and cancel the card perhaps about 6 months later – if you so desire. I keep my cards.

Or you do that, refer your partner – they get the $200.00 in giftcards as well and you get $100.00 more in giftcards (12,000 MR points)

I’m talking Esso, Swiss Chalet, Home Depot, Shopper’s Drug Mart and many more. Here is the link to see.

Big Rick and I went out last night to a friend’s engagement party and we took the time to ask people what they liked and disliked about this site.

I’ll talk about the dislikes.

1. “Nothing is for free, it justs sounds gimmicky”

Anything we post about being free or near free is absolutely correct. If you took the time to read our page on AMEX, it is all true. People they are GIVING AWAY money. They have their reasons, and we know many businesses don’t like AMEX, but the bottom line is that money is there for the taking to use their cards.

2. “People don’t know who you guys are”

Fair enough, we added an “About Us” page today.

3. “Is it really as easy as you say”

Yes. just click. spend the $500.00 on it in 3 months. get the points. keep the card/get rid of it.

4. “Is this a ‘glitch’ in the system or something? Seems too good to be true”

I don’t know if these huge bonusses will stay, get better or be eliminated. The US. has way more credit cards out there with way better bonusses, so I’m apt to think these bonusses will stay.

Travelling for free does seems to good to be true, and we are doing it…creatively.

If you pay your bills on time, the fee on this card is waived the first year, so this card won’t cost you anything.

As a final note, here is my current situation.

I currently have 5 AMEX credit cards/charge cards, no debt on any of them and they cost me a total of $570.00 in annual fees.

How many points did I get from that?

85,000 MR points = $1700.00 in travel

36,000 Starwood points = $720.00 in travel

30,000 Aeroplan points = $600.00 in travel.

That’s over $3000.00 in travel (CONSERVATIVELY) for $570.00.

In a relationship? Double those numbers and add your extra referal points (about $500.00 more)

Yes, we get referal points from this, or you can choose not to get referred!

So, to sum up – pay your bills on time and get these cards!

2 responses to “Here is $500.00 in giftcards. Take it.”

  1. Ashley says :

    Why American Express? Don’t other cards give you some travel money too?

    • mrthompson2013 says :

      Yes for sure. The primary reason I like Amex is the referral points you get. It is actually quite generous of them when you think it’s $100 in travel they give you or if you use them for airline points it’s worth approx $200.
      Capital one aspire card is ok but they don’t waive the $120 fee but give you 350 in travel as a bonus and give you 100 in travel every year for the fee.
      B of M World Elite MasterCard is probably the best deal right now- they waive the fee first year and you get 300 in travel to start, so that’s ok!
      Amex just has so many options to use their points for which makes their cards great deals. For some reason people are hesitant with Amex and I think that’s part of the reason they “give away” so much when you get their cards.
      Don’t be afraid, take their money!

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