$1000.00 total for a 7 night cruise per couple???

Ok, I know nothing about cruises, that is why I got my cousin Carolyn “onboard” with our site because she is a travel consultant with Expedia.

She is licensed under TICO and really knows her stuff!

She also gets amazing prices!

Right away when you go on her site there is a chance to win a $5000.00 free cruise for 2, and get a choice of Expedia extras.

So anyways final price is $1022 AND you get Aeroplan points for booking – or can use Aeroplan points for paying for the trip.

Seriously people, great price and sign up for Aeroplan while your reading!

It’s free don’t worry.

Just click her link…or click here.


On a side note, Friday I am going to post links to travel contests and stuff I am aware of. Some things to note here. 

Get an Aeroplan number!

Get a Starwood account at SPG.com (they have many fun contests and are now linked with Total Rewards. think VEGAS – they are hotels)

If you know of contests to enter for travel post them here!!!

Remember…”working together to find travel deals”

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