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March break Cruises!

Ok, Carolyn gets cruises for awesome prices – she has acccess to the blocks of cabins Expedia buys up! So you know you are getting an amazing price. I have used Expedia many times in the past and they never let you down. Check out her page, she gives you many different options for cruising on March break. If those don’t work for you just send her an email! SHE WILL FIND YOU SOMETHING!!!  She loves doing ths!

Big Rick is off to Puerto Plata…but he left us a deal!

Check Big Rick’s page – he is constantly updating all-inclusives! Now, he tells me he’s leaving today on one! C’mon man! The rest of us are freezing! Check out his page!

Little Break

Ok, I am officially in Exam mode for the students, where I have to prepare them for their exams, mark their exams and so forth.

I also have to prepare for 2nd semester, so I am going to take a week or so break from posts and maybe Big Rick or Carolyn will do one if they get time!

Get acquainted with our site! Read the different tabs and learn a little about what we are about.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions and we will try to get to them in a timely manner.

Lastly, this is a beginners site(blog), where we try to explain things with visuals like a screen shot of Big Rick’s deals, Carolyn’s Cruises or a credit card bonus. You will notice no advertisements on any page, just visuals to help you understand.

Price Updates/Big Ricks Adventures

So we have updated all the March break prices from our area to Tampa/ft Myers/ft lauderdale/Orlando.
Still very reasonable! 250 or less per flight is great this close to March break! Either Spirit or Southwest is a pretty good option. If you had Avios or Aeroplan those flights would be free!!!
You know what? It is fun traveling for free so once you get the bug, you will never want to pay for another hotel or flight.
Big Rick is updating his page with “Big Rick’s Been There” where he will talk about a particular resort and we hope you will chime in with comments.
It’s hard for him to keep it PG, so don’t egg him on for stories!!!
Carolyn is always looking for cruise deals so check her our as well, or give her a call or email.
Share this page if you know people who like travel!

Here is $500.00 in giftcards. Take it.

Don’t get credit cards if you can’t afford to and can’t pay bills on time!!! It will just cost you in the long run.

Single, nobody to refer to the AMEX Gold Rewards Card?

Here is $200.00 in giftcards for you.




In a relationship with someone to refer to the Gold Rewards Card? Here is $300.00 in giftcards for you and $200.00 in giftcards for your partner.


Seriously, take the money. I talk about this on my “Worst Case Scenario” page, but sometimes a post is better to point out free money.

You get one new credit card, redeem for $200.00 in giftcards (24,000 MR points) and cancel the card perhaps about 6 months later – if you so desire. I keep my cards.

Or you do that, refer your partner – they get the $200.00 in giftcards as well and you get $100.00 more in giftcards (12,000 MR points)

I’m talking Esso, Swiss Chalet, Home Depot, Shopper’s Drug Mart and many more. Here is the link to see.

Big Rick and I went out last night to a friend’s engagement party and we took the time to ask people what they liked and disliked about this site.

I’ll talk about the dislikes.

1. “Nothing is for free, it justs sounds gimmicky”

Anything we post about being free or near free is absolutely correct. If you took the time to read our page on AMEX, it is all true. People they are GIVING AWAY money. They have their reasons, and we know many businesses don’t like AMEX, but the bottom line is that money is there for the taking to use their cards.

2. “People don’t know who you guys are”

Fair enough, we added an “About Us” page today.

3. “Is it really as easy as you say”

Yes. just click. spend the $500.00 on it in 3 months. get the points. keep the card/get rid of it.

4. “Is this a ‘glitch’ in the system or something? Seems too good to be true”

I don’t know if these huge bonusses will stay, get better or be eliminated. The US. has way more credit cards out there with way better bonusses, so I’m apt to think these bonusses will stay.

Travelling for free does seems to good to be true, and we are doing it…creatively.

If you pay your bills on time, the fee on this card is waived the first year, so this card won’t cost you anything.

As a final note, here is my current situation.

I currently have 5 AMEX credit cards/charge cards, no debt on any of them and they cost me a total of $570.00 in annual fees.

How many points did I get from that?

85,000 MR points = $1700.00 in travel

36,000 Starwood points = $720.00 in travel

30,000 Aeroplan points = $600.00 in travel.

That’s over $3000.00 in travel (CONSERVATIVELY) for $570.00.

In a relationship? Double those numbers and add your extra referal points (about $500.00 more)

Yes, we get referal points from this, or you can choose not to get referred!

So, to sum up – pay your bills on time and get these cards!

Some travel contests to enter!

It’s Friday so I decided to put some links to contests for you and ask if you know of any to put some links by commenting on this.

Maybe we can get a winner out of all these travel contests!

Starwood Preferred Guest Contest (Hotels) – get a free account!!!
Dream stay in Antigua –,2/ (must be US resident – just saw this, booo)
Free Aeroplan points for doing online surveys (I love this one)  –
Fox Fm Great Getaway contest – Sandals Royal Bahamian –
K106fm has one too –
Or better yet, just go here and enter a bunch of contests. lol.
Wow that’s alot of contests!

Please add some if you like.

$1000.00 total for a 7 night cruise per couple???

Ok, I know nothing about cruises, that is why I got my cousin Carolyn “onboard” with our site because she is a travel consultant with Expedia.

She is licensed under TICO and really knows her stuff!

She also gets amazing prices!

Right away when you go on her site there is a chance to win a $5000.00 free cruise for 2, and get a choice of Expedia extras.

So anyways final price is $1022 AND you get Aeroplan points for booking – or can use Aeroplan points for paying for the trip.

Seriously people, great price and sign up for Aeroplan while your reading!

It’s free don’t worry.

Just click her link…or click here.


On a side note, Friday I am going to post links to travel contests and stuff I am aware of. Some things to note here. 

Get an Aeroplan number!

Get a Starwood account at (they have many fun contests and are now linked with Total Rewards. think VEGAS – they are hotels)

If you know of contests to enter for travel post them here!!!

Remember…”working together to find travel deals”

New Deals Coming!

OK, Big Rick updated his all-inclusives and there are some great deals there!
I just talked to Carolyn and her Expedia cruises are about ready to post in the next day or two!
I have a post coming tomorrow or Friday about March break and how you and your family can get to (and stay)in Florida for next to nothing!
Exciting stuff and we need it with this weather!