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Hello and Welcome

Well, we finally did it after a year of mulling it over.

We are definitely not pros at blogging or English Majors, so excuse our no-frills website and writing errors!

We are very excited – we have you covered in Southwestern Ontario for vacations South! We are working hard to find

deals on flights, all inclusives, hotels and cruises!!!

We wanted to create a blog that found deals and ways for people in SouthWestern Ontario and their families to travel cheaper.

Now, obviously anyone can use these deals, it’s just our time off coincides with the most expensive time of the year to travel.

For now there are 4 ways we find deals:

1. Big Rick’s deals – he usually finds all-inclusive deals going South and going soon!

2. Carolyn’s Cruises – she is a vacation consultant that works with Expedia and her specialty is cruises. She gets prices you can’t.

3. Peak time deals/Trip of the week deals – these are deals at very good prices and usually don’t last long.

4. Peak time deals/Trip of the week deals – these are deals where you use your credit card points to travel for free or very cheaply

This blog is broken into tabs which explain things we deem important to travelling for free or cheaply.

There is a section explaining “Avios” and how to get flights for free using your Avios points.

There is a trip of the week/peak time travel deals section which will be updated usually Mondays for anyone looking to go somewhere that weekend using their points. We would love that to be an interactive section where many people could post what they have found as far as good deals go. Peak time deals would be March break and Easter for now(mid December), as Christmas is pretty much on us.
That is for both great prices on flights, hotels, etc. and finding award availability on airlines. The airline we are talking about in this blog is American Airlines as you can use your Avios points with them. We will get to Aeroplan availability soon! We have now started looking up Aeroplan deals so we invite all Aeroplan collectors to chime in.
The AMEX page explains the 2 or 3 credit cards we recommend you pick up and why.
Big Rick’s deals are what Big Rick finds from scanning the internet hours a day looking for deals. He likes ALL INCLUSIVE DEALS so that may be your thing!

Carolyn’s Cruises is our latest addition and she finds deals on cruises that you can’t. She has access to cruise inventory through Expedia and will get you an amazing deal on cruises and vacation packages.

Worst Case Scenario is just that. If you give absolutely no thought or use no strategy in getting 1 new credit card, we tell you what you can still get. Hint – it’s better than a few free groceries at Superstore or a free hose and light bulbs at Canadian Tire.

I’ll tell you when I “saw the light”(Jay)
I remember being in a Loblaws around 2 years ago checking out and using my PC Financial Mastercard to pay. I was told I had a $60.00 credit to apply to my groceries, which I am sure many of you can relate to. I was very happy and proud of myself to have earned that $60.00 credit and the guy standing behind me could tell. He was quite blunt in exclaiming “free burgers? that’s all you get?” He quickly told me to look up the AMEX page for the Gold Card for what I should be getting. It was much better than $60.00 in burgers.
A little over a month later in Canadian Tire I was in line paying for a hose and light bulbs, which I am sure many of you can relate too. I got to use my Canadian Tire Mastercard and found out I had enough credit so that this purchase would be free!
Yes, I know this can be exciting and I must have showed it, but again a lady this time told me to try the Capital One Aspire card as it was giving $350.00 in travel just for using it once!

The point is, don’t be fooled by credit cards that give you free stuff at a paltry 1% return and no sign-up bonus. AMEX and other companies are giving you huge sign-up bonuses just to use their cards. That is free travel in my book, and I love free travel!

We just realized there is a whole other market out there we have neglected! If you are a parent of a child that travels in sport, this website will help you as well.

So this has frustrated us for awhile and we thought there must be some way to enjoy

family vacations for less at prime times.


So, that is where this blog comes in.

As an example, a March break trip to Florida with a condo on a beach and a rental car for a family of 4 will usually run you 1. flights – $1500.00  2. condo $1700.00 and 3. car $300.00. Plus entertainment and extras!


Thats’s $3500.00. Other people doing the same trip can do it for half.

Why? Flights are way cheaper, and so are condo rentals when you go in say, early February or mid August.

We can get those flights for free, hotels for a week  from no charge to nicer hotels that cost a total of $240.00 for the week.

So, your $3500.00 expenditure turns into a $500.00-$600.00 expense.

As a couple you can do this at least twice a year!

All you need is good credit and good money sense. ie. pay your bills on time!

On Big Rick’s side, he finds deals for people that want to leave now, or at least very soon.

Carolyn will get you a deal on a cruise that you just won’t find yourself.

So, between the 3 of us, we think we have you covered pretty good if you live in SouthWestern Ontario for travelling cheaply to different destinations.

If you know of a sweet deal or award space that opens up on an airway, and don’t mind sharing, please do! That is the purpose of this blog, to help out people that don’t feel like looking for hours. Just click on this blog and check out the updates, Big Rick’s page, Carolyn’s page, or add something if you like.