It’s been fun…

So this will be my last blog post, almost 5 years to the day I started this!

I look back on that first post with a smile, knowing I was trying to get people into this “game” of free travel.

I was successful in getting many co-workers, friends and family into this game and many have gone on “free” vacations since then – WHICH WAS THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE!!!

The cards have changed, but many have stayed the same, along with the sign up bonus.

I am primarily focussed on US cards now as Amex has an annual fee on most cards now and the hotel cards have really dried up in 5 years!

Back in 2013, there were some great bonuses on cards with no annual fees which led to all the free travel in the first place.

This may change again, who really knows, but soon you’ll find me at… (if at all)

My hope was to get people “free travel”. I hope I succeeded!


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CDN Cards drying up…

So it may be the end for this blog…or not…we shall see how the next month or so pans out!
Amex has really been cracking down lately, starting with referral bonus reductions and then “not waiving” fees on both Gold Rewards cards.

Simply put, right now all Amex cards we have been talking about the last 5 years have an annual fee.

That alone will scare off many consumers, no matter how good of a deal the sign up bonus is.

So my last few posts have discussed getting US cards.

I won’t go into that right now, just see my last post from last month.

Is it worth the extra work getting US credit? A resounding YES IT IS DO IT NOW!

Way more cards, better sign up bonuses, the list goes on.

You do need a way to get those cards, and pay them off, not to mention spend on them, but there are ways.

If you know me and live close, come talk to me sometime and we can discuss this further.

Otherwise see my last couple posts on how to do this…and best of luck!!!



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Time to branch out to US cards!

When I first got into this “game” over 7 years ago there were multiple CANADIAN credit cards with great hotel sign up bonuses.

SPG x 2, Marriott, Best Western, IHG and Choice Hotels were all offering cards back then.

Most of them without an annual fee.

Now, we still have 2 SPG cards and these both have fees so that hasn’t changed much, but after that we have the Best Western Mastercard with a measly 20,000 points bonus which may get you one free night.

To make matters worse, you can’t even refer to the 2 SPG cards which was a HUGE bonus back then.

Then you have the other Amex cards like the Gold Rewards Card and Business Gold Rewards card which both now have ANNUAL FEES.

I can’t help but think this is killing their sign-ups. But maybe this is what they wanted – less referrals and less people using Amex MR cards?

Even 2 years ago (or less) the Gold card would give you 25,000 MR points and the Business Gold would give you a total of 45,000 MR points after you spent $5000 on it.(both cards waived first year fee)

That is 70,000 MR points for free – then you refer your spouse/sig other and double up plus referral points!

Well, no more.

I’ll be honest for me personally this was enough to get me out of the CDN Amex game…for now.

I read a post a little over 2 years ago…

This post got me into the US credit card game – and if you know that market the bonuses are significantly better.

Here is my experience getting into that market.(from 6 months ago)

It really is that easy. Give it a read. Find a US mailing address you can trust.

Here is my page for being referred to US cards.

If the CDN credit card bonus market is frustrating you this might be the time to try this out…



More great flight deals end of August!!!

The end of August offers such great flight deals and always has as long as I have been looking this stuff up the last 6-7 years.

Now, I find these flights out of Detroit but it would still apply to most airports in general.

I’ll just post final prices again – in CDN funds and ROUND TRIP price.

The dates I picked were Sunday August 26 – Wednesday August 29.

Again, use Google Flights to alter dates, airports etc.

Myrtle Beach  – $135

NYC – $211

Orlando – $161

Minneapolis – $182

Vegas – $240

Denver – $199

San Diego – $252 (nice!)

Super Bowl 2019 Champions Seattle – $324

Oakland – $231

Houston  – $189

New Orleans  – $238

Ft. Lauderdale – $153

Boston  – $135

Now, if you’re CDN like me and don’t want to support you know who by going to the US…

Calgary – $375

Montreal – $460

Quebec City – $369 (not bad!)

Again, check google flights these CDN prices can get better!


Late August out of Detroit

Well, it’s summer and time to find some great flight deals – specifically end of summer!

Now I put in random dates here, but check Google flights for different dates and locations but as usual the end of August has some nice deals.

Many round trip flights out of Detroit for $200 CDN or less in some cases.

I picked Monday August 20 – Friday August 24.


Here is a quick list of some deals…in CDN round trip

Vegas – $270

NYC – $214

Orlando – $163

Denver  – $217

Wash, DC – $155

Boston – $137

Ft. Lauderdale  – $155

San Diego  – $310

New Orleans  – $219

Myrtle Beach –  $137

Again, those dates may not work for you, but check Google Flights for more!



Karen has Deals!!!

More Transat Tuesday and Wild Wednesday deals from Karen.

Check her page for more and how to get a hold of her.


Karen has More!

Karen, our travel agent just sent me more deals! or see her page on how to get the $575 All Inclusive!


Detroit Summer Series – last week of August(again) DEALS

I have gone on about the flight deals at the end of August but it is worth repeating – THERE ARE GREAT FLIGHT DEALS AT THE END OF AUGUST!!!

These are all of of Detroit (our home airport here) and the prices are CDN round trip prices.

I picked some days at random – Sunday Aug 26 – Wed. Aug 29 – but the prices won’t change significantly during the week if you pick other days.

How many cities did I find UNDER $200 CDN ROUND TRIP OUT OF DETROIT?

Denver – $172

Houston $141

Ft. Lauderdale $169

Orlando $187

Myrtle Beach $180

Washington DC $138

Boston $130

NYC $196

Minneapolis $159

Kansas City $161

And Get This…

Las Vegas $277

San Diego $296 – Whattttt?????

LA $318

So there are some ideas for you while the prices are still right!

Check Google Flights for more!

I think this pic sums up my post…


Family Thursday/48 hr Sale/Kids stay-eat free/ Lots of Deals with Karen today!

Karen just sent me a whole bunch of deals – check them out!

She is a licensed travel agent with and has a page here with her contact info.

But here it is again


More Deals from Karen!