Always remember to pay your credit card balance in full every month so you can fully take advantage of these offers, and you don’t pay interest fees!

First I will post the 3 links you can click on if you would like to get these credit cards. I will explain things below.

These are referral links that give us points.

You can go the Amex website and get these cards for yourself as well.

Gold Card/Platinum Card


Here is link for SPG Card

spg 20500

Here is the link for the AMEX AeroplanPlus Gold Card.

aero 26000

Before I explain these, the single most important thing to remember is to pay off your balance in full every billing period – if that is tough for you to do, you might not want to get credit cards!

There is a minimum spend on these which is usually very easy to do.

Example SPG card $500.00 spend in first 3 months – you can use it on groceries, gas, and certain utilities. Should be no problem when you start using it everywhere.

The minimum income for the Gold Card is $20,000 per year, Platinum card is $40,000 per year and SPG Card is $15,000 per year.

Gold Rewards Card

As it states there you need to spend $500.00 in your first 3 months of having this card to get the 25,000 MR points, which usually post immediately.

We would appreciate it if you use our link as then we get referral points.

If you don’t, no worries.

This is where, if you are a couple you then refer your significant other, pick up a 10,000 Membership Reward Bonus for yourself and they get another 25,000 MR points. Total points betweeen you is now 60,000 MR points.

What can you do with 60,000 MR points? Click on my tab for Worst Case Scenario if you just want to use them up with no real strategy.

Hey, it’s $600.00 worth of travel, not bad. FOR FREE

What is an option I’m recommending?

Transfer them to BA Avios FAMILY ACCOUNT – I have a tab to read about that as well.

Now you have 60,000 Avios. Wait, do you need them right away?

If not, you can wait (like me) for the next bonus offer. In the past there have been bonus offers of 33%, 40% and even 50% bonus Avios upon conversion from MR points.

March, 2013 had a 50% bonus. If that comes up again, you now have 90,000 Avios. A 40% bonus gives you 84,000 Avios, and so on.

60,000 Avios flies my family of 4 to Florida from Cleveland.

80,000 Avios flies my family to Florida from Detroit.

Whatever happens, you are getting some free flights.

So, your call on this – $600.00 worth of travel or anywhere from 3 to 6 free flights depending on if you wait for bonus.

There are articles below on the valuation of one MR point in the Platinum section.

Starwood Preferred Guest Card 

As it states there you need to spend $500.00 in your first 3 months of having this card to get the 20,500 SPG points, which usually post monthly. There is an annual fee of $120.00 which will scare some people right away. It shouldn’t, but does.

This is where, if you are a couple you then refer your significant other, pick up a 10,000 SPG Bonus for yourself and they get another 20,500 SPG points. Total points betweeen you is now 51,000 SPG points.

What can you do with 51,000 SPG points?

Well how about some bloggers input on how much a SPG or Starpoint is worth. It truly does depend on what you use them for!

2.43 cents

2.26 cents

2.30 cents

Remember you can use cash and points to get greater value out of Starpoints as well at hotel stays.

So, let’s say 2.3 cents per Starpoint.

That’s 51,000 SPG times 2.3 cents per = $1173.00

But wait! You had to pay that horrible $120.00 annual fee! Twice!(once per card) Ok take $240.00 away from that $1173.00 and you are left with $933.00 of FREE TRAVEL.

We actually found an easy way to get 5 cents per point which is 51,000 SPG times 5 cents per = 2,555 – 240 fee = $2315 in free travel.

Click the above link and get moving!

Platinum CARD(click on Gold/Platinum link)

Ok, the Platinum card scared me for awhile because there is a 699.00 annual fee! That’s crazy!!! No-way!!! Never!!!

Some simple math proves it’s very much worth getting especially if you only want to “try it” for one year.

Here’s the scoop, when referredyou get a 60,000 MR bonus after you spend $1000.00 in 3 months. Well, you say that’s only worth 600.00 in travel – worst case scenario.

The Points Guy says the value of MR points vary significantly depending on how you use them. Very true.

Another article says 1.8 cents per

Conservative 2.0 cents per

Let’s just go with 2 cents per point FOR TRAVEL as I have been reading about this for awhile and that seems to be average consensus.

So, 60,000 MR points times 2 cents each = $1200.00 worth of travel. Sweet, you are ahead about $500.00! Wait, it gets better!

You get a $200.00 travel credit or reimbursement every calendar year.

So now you have recovered $200 of your original $699, leaving your actual “cost” of the card at $499.00.

So, your cost of $499.00 just got you $1200.00 or so worth of travel.

You are up about $700.00 on this card!!!

Refer your partner to the same card – you get 15,000 MR points, and they get the scenario I just mentioned.

There are other perks to this card as well including  lounge access at  airports(link will tell you better)  and automatic status upgrades with certain hotels – SPG to name one.

End result between you.

Cost – 699 + 699 – 200 -200 = $998.00. ouch you say…wait….

Total MR points between you(60,000 + 60,000 + 15,000) 135,000 times 2 cents per point = $2700.00 worth of travel.

Travel dollars $2700.00 – Cost $998.00 = $1702.00 you are ahead!!!

Now it seems like a no-brainer! Get that card!

Aeroplan Plus Gold Card

If you don’t collect Aeroplan points, get an account right away! I show how on my Aeroplan page.

When you spend $500.00 in the first 3 months on this card you get 26,000 Aeroplan points.

Most bloggers value these at 2 cents each so that’s $520.00 in travel for a $120 fee first year.

You then refer your partner and they get 26,000 Aeroplan and you get 10,000 more Aeroplan for referring.

So a total of 62,000 points between you value at about $1240.00 in travel – for $240(2 fees of $120)! You are up $1000 in travel!

Again, to get the full value of this you need to make airline bookings.

Remember that is near 3 long haul flights in North America(check my Aeroplan page) – you need 75,000 points for that!

It is over 4 short haul flights as well – that would also be 60,000 points.

You can use those points for giftcards and things like that, but then the value of the points go down to 1 cent per point or less.

So as you can AMEX cards are the way to go!

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